Hand. 2013.Fragment of painting. 2013.My wife Olena. 2015.Olena and the Sea. 2016.The Memory of Venice. 2013.My wife Olena. 2013.Olena in the Church of St. Peter. Vatican. 2015.Rome. Basilica. 2015.Colosseum. Rome. 2015.Florence. 2015.My wife Olena. 2016.My wife Olena. 2013.My son Artem. 2013.Artem & Dariia. 2018.St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery. Kyiv. 2013.Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. 2013.Lake Garda. 2015.Woman with an umbrella. 2013.Petro Nesterenko. 2014.Sculpture. The Woman. 2013.The Angel. 2003.Drop №1 . 2013.Drop №2. 2013.Phalaenopsis. 2013.Spring. 2013.Tulip. 2013.Tulips. 2013.Rose. 2016.Lemon. 2013. Branch. 2013.Flowers. 2013.Flower. 2013.Branch. 2014.Rose. 2013.Autumn. 2013.Salute. Kiev. 2013.The Sky. 2013.Kyiv. Euro 2012.The Fragment of building. Kyiv. 2013.Florence. Santa Maria del Fiore. 2015.Rome. Pantheon. 2015.Roman Forum. 2015.National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II. Rome. 2015.Trajan's Forum. Rome. 2015.Bird. 2012.