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I create paintings to order, using oil, tempera and watercolor. They can be of various subjects, such as portraits, historical scenes, landscapes and still lifes. I use a multi-layered painting method and very high quality materials. This gives saturation, depth and solidity to oil paintings. Also I use very reliable packaging (wooden boxes) for shipping and send the paintings throughout the world. Please see the attached photos. Before shipping, I will send you a high-quality photo of the completed painting. A painting on canvas up to 70 x 90 cm in size will be sent on a stretcher in a wooden box(from 1 to 3 paintings), and larger paintings
can be shipped rolled in a wooden tube-box.

Graphics and Illustrations

The range of techniques that I use is wide: computer graphics, ink, pencil, watercolor, charcoal, sanguine, etc. I can create illustrations for books, book covers, posters, t-shirts and other graphic artwork for you, or you can purchase works posted on this website. I can send you the artwork in digital format to your e-mail or FTP, and also you can get the originals on paper or signed prints by postal mail. If you want me to create artwork specifically for you or if you want to buy artwork placed on this site, please contact me at
I will be glad to work with you!


Box for rolled up painting

Box for painting on stretcher

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